Kountry Wayne reveals he pays $200K a month in child support to take care of his 10 kids.

Kountry Wayne reveals that he has 10 kids and pays hundreds of thousands in child support.
It looks like Kountry joins the group of celebrity men with a football-roster number of children. During his Sept. 28, 2023, appearance on The Sherri Shepherd Show, Kountry revealed that he is a proud father of 10 kids.
“Yup, I couldn’t believe it either,” the comedian says of his offspring. “They all live close by, like five to 10 minutes away. They all have keys to my house and my baby mamas.”
Shepherd then dug deeper, inquiring about the magic number that he dishes monthly.
“Yeah, my child support…Just my family costs me about 200 a month,” Wayne explained.
“Two hundred dollars?” Shepherd asked. “Two hundred thousand,” he clarified, which led Shepherd to gesture in amazement.
Wayne –whose comedy is free of expletives– suggested the amount he pays each month is inflated for reasons beyond his children. And during his September 2023 appearance on The Sherri Shepherd Show, viewers were stunned to find out that Kountry pays hundreds of thousands of dollars in child support. So, what gives? Here’s the scoop.