Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Bobbi Althoff looked uncomfortable on stage after Sukihana took her to a strip club. 
In the trending video, Bobbi Althoff, is seen looking uncomfortable on stage as Sukihana was dancing and getting money thrown at her. 
Information reads: “Sukihana took Bobbi Althoff to the strip club and had her on stage.”
According to fans, they believe it’s definitely a publicity stunt, because they haven’t seen any reason for Bobbi an Drake to beef each other.
Yesterday, Bobbi Althoff, was seen at Drake’s concert, but wasn’t happy. During an interview with Cosmopolitan published Wednesday, the 26-year-old influencer revealed how her podcast, The Really Good Podcast, blew up after only launching in April. 
The mom of two recalled making a TikTok video saying she would give $300 to any person who could connect her with celebrities. Althoff’s first celebrity guest was actor Rick Glassman after someone tagged him in her post. Then, she interviewed comedian Funny Marco. Althoff noticed that Drizzy, 36, liked clips of her interview with Marco, and also followed her on Instagram. She then decided to go big or go home.
Drizzy’s appearance on The Really Good Podcast drew polarizing reactions from the public. Many found it hilarious, while others criticized the rapper for doing an interview with a white woman and not giving that same time to Black platforms such as Million Dollaz Worth of Game, Drink Champs or The Joe Budden Podcast. It’s widely documented that the Toronto megastar rarely does interviews, but when he does, it’s not the typical outlet that many expect him to do. One of Drake’s last serious interviews came in 2019 with the Rap Radar Podcast and was noted for how in-depth the conversation was. He also did an interview in 2020 with Architectural Digest about his Toronto mansion. 
Althoff’s interview with Drake currently has over 10 million views on YouTube. Since its upload, she has been praised for her deadpan humor. Prior to her podcast debut, the influencer posted videos on TikTok stemming from 2021, with content focused on her children and pregnancy experiences. Althoff said she made a TikTok video saying she would pay someone $300 to “successfully connect” her to a celebrity for an episode on her podcast. Her first guest was comedian Rick Glassman after someone tagged him in her post. She sent the $300 to the random person, and Althoff had her first episode in the books.
She did the same thing for her next guest Funny Marco, and Drake saw a clip from that interview and liked it on social media while also following Althoff on Instagram. Althoff decided to hit up the 6 God and see if he would be down for an episode.