Karma Racking Up Wins: Trevian Kutti, previously Kanye West’s publicist and now a Donald Trump co-defendant, made a bold claim, asserting she would become Trump’s next press secretary. 

Unfortunately for her, her ill-advised boast destroyed her chances at a plea deal.
On X (formerly known as Twitter), Kutti declared her intention to serve as “Press Secretary to the 47th President, @realDonaldTrump,” looking to break barriers for Black women in politics. A similar post on Instagram with the caption “I’m protected” was also removed.
Kutti faces not guilty pleas for felony charges in Georgia related to efforts to overturn the 2020 election results, part of a 41-count Fulton County grand jury indictment involving Trump and 18 co-defendants. 
She infamously tried to coerce Georgia election worker Ruby Freeman into falsely admitting she committed ballot fraud.
Legal experts suggest that her statements may hinder potential plea negotiations with prosecutors. Georgia trial lawyer Chris Timmons notes that such comments can introduce bias and complicate her testimony.
“It certainly doesn’t help her case if she testifies,” Timmons said. “It adds bias if you think you’re going to get a position in the Trump administration.”
Furthermore, offering a deal while she claims aspirations to be Trump’s press secretary could be problematic. 
“I wouldn’t offer her a deal if she claims she’s going to be press secretary… that’s the biggest thing there,” said Timmons.
Like many of Trump’s co-defendants, Kutti’s own poor judgement and self-destructive impulses have done herself, and America, no favors.