Crocs released a The Crocs Classic Cowboy Boot for $120.

The company wasn’t immediately available for comment, but said over email that, “For years, the buzz around a Crocs-inspired cowboy boot has been building, creating a genuine fan-fueled movement trending across social media,” adding that, “these bad boys are the epitome of cowboy cool.”
This innovative boot boasts a high-shine croc-embossed texture, complemented by bold western-inspired stitching that adds a touch of rugged charm. What sets it apart are the unique metallic Jibbitz charms and a one-of-a-kind spin-able spur charm attached to the shoe’s backstrap. To add a fun twist, the iconic black and white Crocs logo, featuring Duke, the brand’s beloved crocodile mascot, dons a cowboy hat on the rivet detail.
Crocs, the world-famous footwear brand known for its polarizing clogs, is breaking new ground this month by launching its very own cowboy boot. The Crocs Classic Cowboy Boot, unveiled on October 5th, promises to bring a fresh twist to the traditional cowboy boot style. “This is America. We are the land of comfort and cowboy boots,” celebrity stylist-turned-designer Phillip Bloch told MarketWatch. “I think the most fascinating thing about all of this is that Crocs were jokes for how long on nighttime talk shows and in the fashion world? But the brand has been taking Crocs and reinventing them, and making them really stylish … and keeping everyone interested.”
The comfy shoe brand recently kicked off its “Croctober” sales event by revealing that its new “Croc Classic Cowboy Boots” will go on sale beginning Oct. 23 for $120 a pair. Crocs noted in its press release that this has been “one of the most widely requested Crocs shoe designs in brand history,” and now it’s giving its “Croc Nation” fanbase exactly what it wants.
Some fans have already nicknamed them “Croots” on TikTok.