George Santos holding a mystery child in his arms while leaving Tim Burchett’s office at halls of congress. 

In a bizarre and dramatic scene on Capitol Hill, Rep. George Santos (R-N.Y.) called a man a terrorist sympathizer for asking what he was doing about the situation in Gaza.
In clips posted to social media, Santos can be seen identifying a man to a Capitol Police officer as someone who had accosted him “while I had a two-month-old baby in my hand.” Santos then approached the gentleman and addressed him, saying “you came in my personal space yelling, threatening the decorum.”
So, here’s what happened. We’ve all had an extremely long week, as you’re likely aware. On Friday afternoon, George Santos, the New York representative whose tally of alleged federal crimes is now up to 23, was spotted screaming in the hallway of the Longworth House Office Building. It appears Santos — who famously suggested his family was Jewish then revised this to “Jew-ish” — was accosted by pro-Palestinian protesters.
Normally, neither a small protest on Capitol Hill nor George Santos shouting in front of a gaggle of reporters would be all that notable. But there’s the twist: Santos was holding a 2-month-old baby when this all went down.
The man asked Santos, currently facing mounting legal troubles including charges of conspiracy and wire fraud, what he was doing about the Israeli army’s bombing campaign in Gaza. Santos then pointed his finger at the gentleman and insisted it was “abhorrent that you are in this building stepping up for terrorists.” Santos called the man a “terrorist sympathizer” while storming off.
Singh was allegedly attempting to question former Speaker Kevin McCarthy on “what he is doing to stop the ongoing committing of war crimes by the Israeli military,” Singh told Pergram, though when McCarthy failed to respond he pointed the question at Santos, who was walking from the opposite direction.
“He then found me here in this hallway and accosted me and began yelling at me, essentially framing what I am saying as some sort of anti-Semitic trope,” the Fox correspondent quoted Singh.