The father of the triplets said that even though his wife’s cesarean section was done for free, he had spent all his savings on drugs and other consumables.


A new mom, Asmau Abubakar is seeking help from the public as she has been left stranded at the Murtala Muhammed Specialists Hospital in Kano State over inability to pay the bills.

The mother of the triplets who underwent a cesarean section has been left at the hospital unattended to by family who are unable to afford essential care.

Speaking to Premium Times, the father of the triplets, Usman Magaji, who hails from Kuyan ta Inna’ in Kumtboso Local Government, said even though his wife’s cesarean section was done for free, he had spent all his savings on drugs and other consumables.

Magaji, who appealed to the government and kind Nigerians for support, said he isn’t sure when they will be discharged from the hospital, but his wife and the newborns need to be catered for, and he has run out of resources for that.

The triplets’ father, who is a labourer, told the platform, “I have spent all my savings from the day she was admitted to the hospital, and I am left with nothing that is why I am soliciting assistance from the government and Nigerians.

“From the day she was admitted for the delivery, I spent over N70,000 I am worried that the spending will continue because she is still in the hospital with no date fixed for discharge because she delivered through a cesarean section.

“I need help because I have nothing left for me to take care of the lactating mother both at the hospital and at home. I have spent all the money at the hospital.

“I am grateful to God for the triplets I need help because I don’t know for how long we are going to stay at the hospital, I don’t have money any longer, that is why I am looking for help.

“I am grateful that the cesarean was conducted free of charge, but I can no longer bear other expenses from the hospital, which is why I am pleading for help.

“The three children – two boys and a girl need assistance to survive, I can not afford for them at the moment because I have a labourer struggling on daily to get labour, and the job is no longer coming.”

Also expressing her joy, the babies’ mother said she was happy about the gift of the triplets and pleaded for assistance.

“I am grateful for the gift of the triplet what we need now is for the government to help us because of the children so that we can cater for them. Since we came here to the hospital, nothing was provided for free we bought everything requested by the doctors with our money,” she said.

Meanwhile, an official of the hospital has given the reason why the couple spent money on drugs despite Governor Abba Yusuf’s policy on free medical care for pregnant women and child delivery services in Kano State General Hospitals and Primary Health Centers.

The official, who pleaded anonymity, explained that the family had to purchase all the drugs needed because, at the time of her delivery, the hospital was out of stock of the government’s free supply of drugs.

“There are free drugs by the government for the delivering mothers, but such drugs are not enough to go around for a month, it has finished, and we are expecting new supplies now that the month has ended,” the official said.