After Lionel Messi officially parted ways with Barcelona, many Catalan fans expressed their pain. Some people held Messi’s shirt and cried, some people went to Barcelona’s headquarters to… cause trouble because they let Messi go.

By the time of his separation, Messi had been with Barcelona for exactly 18 years and with this team had reaped all the highest honors. During those 18 years, Messi scored 683 goals in 810 matches and broke all records at Barca.

When he started at Barca, Messi was just a traveler, but when he left, the Argentine star became a monument, a “god” in the hearts of all fans of the Catalan team. We know that no matter how beautiful a love affair is, it will eventually end, but when Messi left, many Barca fans felt pain.



On the social network Twitter, many emotional videos were posted of fans crying in pain when they heard the news of Messi leaving Barca. Some people were holding Messi’s shirt, kneeling and screaming in front of Barca’s headquarters, while others were holding Messi’s number 10 shirt and struggling to cry on the side of the road.

Many comments also expressed their heartache when Messi left Barca. Ali fan wrote: “So heartbreaking! Messi is one of our greatest monuments. We love you, Leo.”

Fan Fredosh Mpongo also wrote: “There is nothing more painful. I don’t know what to tell my children because we love Barcelona from Messi.”

Fan Na’ni Kopche Alvin also commented: “I feel shocked. Please tell me that these news are all fake.” Fan SoLindelani Ntuli: “There is only one Messi in this world. When Messi leaves, this Barcelona will never be the same again.”

Heartbreaking Moment: Fans Knelt And Cried In Front Of The Stadium When They Learned That Messi Left The Team

Xúc động khoảnh khắc CĐV quỳ khóc cầu xin Messi ở lại với Barca

Heartbroken over Messi’s departure, many Barca fans also announced their “retirement” from this team. C’phiwe fan Oj Mabizela wrote on Facebook: “As soon as Messi announces his new team, I will no longer be a Barca fan either.” Fan Lukclk Stevenson Mainasara wrote briefly: “Messi is leaving, goodbye Barca. We have to follow him.”

According to sports newspaper AS (Spain), many disappointed Barcelona fans gathered outside Camp Nou to protest against members of Barca’s board of directors, because they had previously promised to keep Messi. but now he is gone.